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Transforming Your Data Into High-Quality Customer Records (VIDEO)

Customer Data | March 04, 2021

In the second video in our Cutting Through The Noise series we look at the importance of data quality and unified customer records (also known as golden records or the single view of the customer), both of which are often overlooked by organizations on their journeys to become fully data-driven.

In this video -- How to Transform You Data Into High-Quality Customer Records -- you'll hear from Jake Hall, VP of Solutions Consulting at QuickPivot, Dan Towers, Senior Solutions Advisor at QuickPivot, and Chris Malone, VP of Analytics at QuickPivot, who will discuss:

  • what makes building unified customer records so challenging for today's marketers;
  • how the QuickPivot Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps you improve the quality of your data and transform it into accurate, unified customer records, and;
  • the unique features found in the QuickPivot CDP that separate it from other CDPs on the market today.

Watch the video now (or check out the transcript below) to learn how the QuickPivot CDP can help you take control of your data and create the high-quality, unified customer records you need to execute revenue-generating marketing campaigns.


Video transcript


Kristen Carlson, VP of Marketing at QuickPivot: Today we’ll be looking at the importance of data quality and well-organized customer records, often referred to as golden records or the single view of the customer. 

Throughout our history, QuickPivot has helped countless clients take control of their customer data and make better data-driven decisions. When helping our clients we often find that they lack a solid strategy for building and maintaining high quality customer records. But to be a truly data-driven organization, high-quality data and organized customer records are an absolute necessity.

If your data is constantly outdated, difficult to locate or impossible to analyze, you simply won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. That’s why the QuickPivot Customer Data Platform is built to improve the overall quality of your data and create the unified customer records that modern marketing teams need. 

In this video members of the QuickPivot team will discuss the barriers to building high-quality customer records, and how the QuickPivot Customer Data Platform helps you overcome these barriers and execute revenue-generating marketing campaigns.

Segment 1: Why Building Unified Customer Records is so Challenging for Modern Marketers

Jake Hall, VP of Solutions Consulting at QuickPivot: So the challenge for marketers today -- especially retailers -- isn’t getting enough data, it's making sense out of all the data that they have. 

You know, not only is a retailer in their traditional world of brick-and-mortar store with customers walking in the door every day, you also have a website, you have apps, you have loyalty programs, Instagram, all of that stuff. All contributing data about who your customer is and what their preferences are. And it's one thing to have all that data, but the other thing is that the customer is asking for you to understand them better and better while at the same time being more and more conscious of their privacy requirements and your commitments to them that you’ve made in exchange for their valuable data. 

So, what that really means -- the challenge for the marketer -- is that you need to understand every individual consumer you have and speak to them appropriately with the right offer at the right time. That presents the key opportunity that QuickPivot brings. We really exist to empower marketers to understand their individual consumers at scale by bringing all the data together from all the disparate sources into a unified, single customer view that can be modeled, segmented, analyzed and acted upon in a much more efficient way, without requiring you to have a Ph.D. in statistics.

Segment 2: Why the QuickPivot CDP is the Best Solution for Your Customer Data Needs

Dan Towers, Senior Solutions Advisor at QuickPivot: The CDP marketplace has changed significantly over the last couple years. There are a number of new vendors, there are a number of new topics that we talk about. But by and large we are talking about very similar things to each other: 360 views, single customer views, profiles, and golden records. They all sound to be very interchangeable, but they actually do have very different purposes. And depending on the needs of your business, you may need one or you may need all of them. 

QuickPivot has 20 years of experience building marketing databases and deploying CDPs for customers. We’ve taken all of that deep experience and we’ve folded that into our platform. Our platform exposes the ability to ingest data from across an organization and link it together. It exposes the ability to apply address standardization and matching for identity resolution. And we can also take all of that data as it's been combined together and build out a golden record that is tuned to the needs of your business and allows your marketers to drive the engagement that they want to drive.

Segment 3: How the QuickPivot CDP Provides the Highest-Quality Customer Records

Chris Malone, VP of Analytics at QuickPivot: So, for me this breaks down into three parts. First, there is no loss of information. We support a flexible data model that can be rapidly built to support your business’ current and future data needs, which means you don’t have to sacrifice data or functionality that’s important to your business.

Second, we enable data transformation and enrichment. So, both during ingest and after it's in our system, we allow the data standardization and overlays like address standardization, geocoding, email validation and appends, and many others so that you’re not dealing with mixed values or incomplete data sets when relying on it for your marketing execution and analysis.

And finally, tying it all together with identity resolution. This allows you to clearly understand your customers and households across all their interactions by stitching together all the data points into a unified customer view. This really provides the necessary data foundation for marketing action, insight, and predictive models, and allows you to get the most out of your brand’s customer data.

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