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Top Resources on Customer Data Platforms 2019

Customer Data | March 04, 2019

Around this time last year, we released our first ever Top Resources on Customer Data Platforms blog. At the time, CDP was an emerging trend that few organizations had a firm grasp on. Now, one year later, leading retail organizations have implemented CDPs and the rest are clamoring for more information. For that very reason, we’re updating our blog with the latest news and reports to ensure brands are educated on the space.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

Still about what a customer data platform truly is? These resources will help to fill in the gaps.

Digging deeper.

These reports and articles shine a light on why a customer data platform should be in every modern marketing organization’s tech stack.

Next steps.

If you’re fully educated on what a customer data platform is and how it will benefit your organization, check out these resources to learn more about choosing and implementing the right platform to fit your individual business needs.

To learn more about how Customer Data Platforms make marketing teams perform better, contact us and we’ll connect you with one of our CDP experts.

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