QuickPivot News: New Digital Marketing Capabilities Powered by LiveRamp

News | December 14, 2018

Did you see the news? Yesterday we launched brand-new functionality for the QuickPivot customer data platform!

QuickPivot’s customer data platform (CDP) unifies, refines and appends marketers’ first party data to create a persistent and unified view of the customer.

Now, through QuickPivot and LiveRamp’s partnership, QuickPivot clients can onboard their first party data to reach customers throughout the online advertising ecosystem. LiveRamp’s IdentityLinkTM solution, the largest independent, deterministic identity graph, allows marketers to create an omnichannel view of a customer by translating offline first party data (name, email, postal, phone) to an anonymous online identifier.

We spoke with Paul Turner, Vice President, Platforms at LiveRamp about the significance of QuickPivot’s new digital marketing capabilities and he commented on how, “our partnership enables QuickPivot clients to open up a whole new realm of marketing capabilities and enables interactions with the advertising ecosystem in new and innovative ways.”

A New Way to Approach Customer Marketing

Here are a few, innovative marketing strategies that QuickPivot, powered by LiveRamp, can now help marketers execute:

  • Cohesive Cross-Channel Campaigns: If you’ve been in the world of marketing for a while, you probably know the rule of seven that says consumers need to “hear” a message at least seven times before they purchase a product or service. Using QuickPivot in partnership with LiveRamp’s onboarding capabilities, marketers can now ensure an audience of their first party data is receiving the same or complimentary messaging across all online marketing channels: email, web, direct mail, digital advertising and social media.
  • Automatic Ad Suppression: Just as you can create an audience for digital targeting, you can create a suppression list. Since most companies ingest purchase data into their CDP, it’s easy to automatically create a list of customers who have already purchased a product or service so they can be suppressed from future online campaigns.
  • People-Based Marketing Across the Open Web: Perhaps you’re running a special promotion for loyalty members, or maybe you have an initiative to increase customer LTV. With QuickPivot, it’s now easy to extend the reach of an audience by onboarding it and activating it with any of LiveRamp’s 500+ advertising destinations like Facebook, Google, The Trade Desk, and MediaMath.

QuickPivot has always excelled at helping marketers create robust, cross-channel customer journeys, especially across direct mail and email. Now, marketers can extend that customer journey to the open web. This new capability allows QuickPivot to be a central system of record for customer marketing programs.

We’re proud to say that QuickPivot is one of the first customer data platforms to partner with LiveRamp and bring these capabilities to market.

To learn more about QuickPivot’s customer data platform, contact us today!


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