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Digital Transformation Has Accelerated. CDPs are Here to Help.

The past year has seen incredible disruption in the way companies do business – across all industries. The covid-19 pandemic is of course, the primary...

A Look at the Post-Pandemic Retail Landscape

As cities and states start reopening after more than 12 months of COVID-19 restrictions, and consumers start contemplating going back to restaurants,...

First-Party Identity Resolution: What It Is & Why It's Important

Today’s consumer moves between multiple devices and channels all day long. They start their day on their mobile, then switch to a tablet on the...

Get the Party Started: Building a First-Party Data Strategy

Does your organization have a first-party data strategy yet? As the use of third-party cookies phases out (Google won’t support third-party cookies...

For Long-Term Marketing Success, Your CDP Must Be Flexible

Data-driven marketing has completely changed how marketers do their jobs and has set new precedents for how marketing performance and campaign...

Successful Catalog Marketing Comes Down to the Data

Catalogs have been an effective means of engaging customers since Tiffany & Co. mailed the very first U.S. catalog in 1848. In the years since,...

Tips for Successful Online/Offline Channel Integration

Omnichannel marketing campaigns that integrate both online and offline channels ensure that your messaging reaches your customers on their preferred...

Are You Equipped to Manage Your First-Party Customer Data?

There’s an important change coming in how businesses gather and utilize customer data. For years, marketers have been using third-party cookies to...

NEMOA Spring 2021: Analyzing Holiday Shoppers for Maximum Insights

At the end of March, QuickPivot had the pleasure of sponsoring the NEMOA Spring Summit event. Despite being a virtual event, the NEMOA event organizers...

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“QuickPivot's platform offers big data performance showcased in tools like robust cross-channel waterfall counts, real-time lifecycle visualization tools that go beyond the typical flowchart style tools.”

Kelly Dedman, Technology Analyst

“B2C marketers in retail should consider its updated UX, with QuickCollect and QuickTarget for customer segmentation and QuickPalette for campaign workflows.”

Vendor Landscape: CCCM, March 2017

“QuickPivot's platform can help our clients eliminate data silos, reduce wasted efforts and optimize customer data across online and offline channels.”

Lois Brayfield, CEO

“As Allen Edmonds further developed its direct-to-consumer business, we knew that we needed a powerful new marketing platform and a flexible business partner. We found both and more in QuickPivot.”

Colin Hall, Chief Marketing Officer

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