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We Need Your Help: Take the State of Customer Data Survey

We just launched our State of Customer Data survey and need your help. Please take this anonymous survey!

We’re compelled to do this research because we hear the drum beat about marketing being more data-driven than ever, but in our experience, we have found that more businesses than not struggle to properly manage and use their customer data

There are thousands of MarTech vendors out there to solve every marketing problem (big and small), but it doesn’t seem like legacy technology is making it any easier for marketers to manage their customer database. Most marketers are either scared to touch their customer database with a 10-foot pole or they want to throw their computer out the window in frustration as soon as they begin working in it.

There’s no debate that marketers have more data than ever, but we’re not convinced that every marketer finds this deluge of data useful and actionable.

In order to test this hypothesis, we’re conducting a survey in partnership with J.Schmid, which examines how businesses manage their customer data, its accessibility to marketers and the challenges that marketers face when it comes to developing data-driven campaigns.

We are going to use this data to develop a report that gives an honest look into how businesses with a direct-to-consumer channel are using their customer data. We hope that other businesses can use this report as a benchmark for their own marketing efforts.

In order to produce this report, we need your help. Please take this anonymous survey and tell us how your marketing department uses and manages customer data. All respondents have the option to share their email for a chance to win a $500 Amex gift card. Thank you!

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