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The One Thing That No MarTech Company Wants to Admit

Customer Data | February 07, 2018

Marketing technology isn’t always the answer.

As a company that develops marketing technology, that can be hard to admit, but we pride ourselves on being practical and straightforward, and that’s the honest truth.

The world of marketing has evolved dramatically over the past five years, especially in the B2C and direct-to-consumer worlds. Customer shopping habits have changed so fundamentally that there are truly no shopping patterns. In this frenetic world, customers are always buying, they’re interacting across channels and channels are influencing each other in ways we could have ever imagined.

The sheer amount of data this produces has also created a shift in the way successful marketing is performed.

What is this shift?

Creativity is still important, but the most successful marketers are focused on improving, managing, understanding and optimizing their data. They use that data to communicate in the right way, listen to what’s happening, react to the outcomes and learn from them. Using this information, they’re able to better predict a customer’s next move, what they want, and how to get them to stay loyal and buy more products.

However, in order to extract value from this data, most marketers end up installing technology on top of technology, ultimately ending up with a disjointed and frustrating “frankenstack”. Rather than solving problems, it ends up introducing new ones.

At QuickPivot, we approach things differently by focusing on understanding your business challenges, needs and goals and finding a solution – not just selling you a product. Yes, it’s true, sometimes the solution is technology, but often we find that businesses greatly benefit from having a trusted advisor, data experts and extra manpower on their side. That’s where QuickPivot services comes into play.

QuickPivot Services elevates your marketing in ways that allow you to optimize spend and increase attributable revenue. Our team of marketing experts and data specialists produce amazing results for our clients every day. We are marketers, and in our 20+ year history, we have worked with businesses in a wide range of industries, helping them to draw insights from their data, and give them a competitive edge.

Learn more about the ways we help businesses make better use of their customer data, and contact us today to get a personal consultation on how we can best support your team.

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