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For Long-Term Marketing Success, Your CDP Must Be Flexible

Customer Data | May 26, 2021

Data-driven marketing has completely changed how marketers do their jobs and has set new precedents for how marketing performance and campaign effectiveness are measured and judged. But to have success with your data-driven campaigns, customer data management -- the process of collecting, managing, analyzing, and using customer data securely and efficiently -- must be a foundational part of your marketing strategy. But managing customer data remains a difficult task because the volume and variety of customer data that passes through typical MarTech stacks (and that's needed to inform your marketing efforts) shows no signs of slowing down.

At QuickPivot, it’s our belief that all marketers -- regardless of their experience-level or background -- can become masters of customer data management when armed with a customer data platform (CDP) that provides the features and functionality needed to overcome to the most pressing challenges associated with it. CDPs are designed to help marketers manage their customer data and unlock insights needed to execute successful data-driven marketing campaigns. However, all CDPs are not created equal: the majority of CDPs on the market today only provide users with a set number of fixed, generic, “industry-standard” data models and structures to manage and analyze their data.

Why is that such a big deal? Well, fixed data models and structures limit the control you have over how you manage, process, and analyze your customer data, and also make it extremely difficult to modify your customer data management strategy when your business needs change. Many CDP vendors pitch these fixed models and structures as a means to cut down on implementation time and get you working with your customer data quicker. But a CDP should be a long-term investment that's able to evolve with you and adapt to your changing data management needs, not some "quick fix" that provides you with some benefit in the short-term now but causes significant challenges and inefficiencies down the road.

To further explain the value of a CDP that offers flexible data models and structures, we've put together a whitepaper that explores the topic. The paper, "Future-Proof Your First-Party Data Strategy," provides insight into why CDPs with fixed data models simply do not meet the long-term needs of modern marketers and why a CDP that offers flexible data modeling -- such as the QuickPivot Customer Data Platform -- is the superior option. Specifically, the whitepaper covers:

  • Why CDPs with fixed data models lack scalability and create long-term headaches;
  • The major benefits of a CDP with flexible data modeling; and
  • Why only a CDP with flexible data modeling is suited to adapt to your evolving data management and marketing needs.

No one knows your business and its customer data needs better than you do, so why would you settle for a CDP that forces you to manage and analyze your customer data according to its rules? Download your free copy of "Future-Proof Your First-Party Data Strategy" now and learn why a CDP that offers flexible data models and structures sets you up for the kind of long-term marketing success that many CDP vendors promise to help you achieve but fail to deliver.

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