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Data-driven Insights Help MacKenzie-Childs Increase Sales, Customer Acquisition

In late 2017, home décor retailer MacKenzie-Childs found itself at a bit of a crossroads. Business was good, but the company's leadership was not content with sitting on its laurels. They wanted to build on its strong growth and sales.

Following an internal evaluation, the leadership team concluded that company needed to shift to a more data-driven, analytics-backed marketing approach in order to reach its goals. To make this data-driven approach a reality though, the marketing team knew they needed far more transparency into its customer data than they had at the time. Additionally, they wanted the power to easily and autonomously access, store, and manage customer profiles and data. With increased data access they would be able to run analytics reports and gain deeper insights into the company's customer base and business-driving product lines. Oh, and they wanted all of these things to be handled by one system that wouldn't break the bank.

Impossible, right?

Think again.

After extensive research into a variety of technologies, MacKenzie-Childs determined that the customer data platform (CDP) offered by us here at QuickPivot was the best fit for its needs. The QuickPivot CDP's ability to pull in all of MacKenzie-Childs' existing customer data and run custom-built analytics reports, along with its high benefit-cost ratio and user-friendly nature, set it apart from others in the market.

Following a brief but thorough design process, implementation of the QuickPivot CDP took place in June of 2018. And now, one year after its CDP implementation, MacKenzie-Childs has experienced immediate and sizable improvements to a number of key business metrics that its CMO, Larry Shaw, directly attributes to the data-driven insights the QuickPivot CDP helped MacKenzie-Childs uncover. 

Seem too good to be true? We understand the skepticism, which is why we've put together a case study detailing the improvements the QuickPivot CDP has helped usher in for MacKenzie-Childs. The study, "How MacKenzie-Childs Increased Sales and Customer Acquisition Using Insights from its Customer Data Platform," offers inside details on:

  • The year-over-year improvements MacKenzie-Childs experienced in several key business areas post-implementation
  • The crucial insights into the habits and behaviors of MacKenzie-Childs' customers uncovered thanks to the QuickPivot CDP's analytics tools
  • How MacKenzie-Childs used/s the QuickPivot CDP to develop strategic, data-driven campaigns responsible for driving business growth
  • How certain day-to-day workflow processes improved post-implementation

With the QuickPivot CDP now empowering Its marketing team to quickly and easily execute campaigns backed by data-driven insights, MacKenzie-Childs has positioned itself for future success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. But don't just take our word for it. Check out the case study today to learn why, after just one year of using a CDP, Larry Shaw now says, "I don’t know if you can run a profitable, productive business without one."

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